Welcome to one of the finest communities in Grand Junction. You will find Brookside to be a warm and friendly place to call home. The common areas are currently managed by the Manager and the Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Manager at HOA-manager@outlook.com. All homeowners are encouraged to participate in some way with the board

One-time yearly fee is $340. It is due now for 2023. You can pay dues online by clicking on PAY DUES ONLINE on the menu.

water off for the season 2023

The water will be shut down for the season on 10/25/2023.  If you need your sprinkler system blown out, please call Bryce (leave message or text) 970-840-8354.  There will be a charge of $55 due at the time of service. Two weeks after shut off, turn your valve to 45 degrees to keep it from…


Water is on at Brookside – Thank you for your patience.


Bad break in a residential area at Brookside. We are in the process of repairing this. Hoping water to be turned on sometime tomorrow 05/05/2023.